Career as Veterinary Surgeon

Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Veterinarian

Veterinary Surgeon
Veterinarians are professionals who provide medical care to pets, birds, livestock, sporting and laboratory animals and protect humans against diseases carried by animals. Veterinarians ensure the safety of food supply by maintaining check on animal meat and birds before being sold. 
• Investigate, diagnose and treat injuries and ailments in animals 
• Advise for the management of livestock 
• Determine the course of treatment and attend to all medical and surgical cases 
• Manage the prevention and control of disease in animals 
• Inoculate and vaccinate reared animals and poultry periodically, against epidemics, 
• Implement livestock breeding and nurturance programs 
• Advise owners incorrect methods of feeding, rearing and disease control 
• May specialize in the conduct of operation on animals needing surgical treatment 
• Conduct postmortem of dead animals to determine the cause of death 
• Vets examine animals before and after slaughter to declare them fit for human consumption and free of disease 
• Veterinarians research on subjects such as pathology, bacteriology, genetics, physiology, anatomy, etc 
• Conduct innovative research of biological products, food, and pharmaceutical products and also work in animal genetics and breeding 

• Teach in colleges


Employment Opportunities for Veterinarian:

• Veterinary Scientists work both in the rural and urban setting 
• Dairy farms, stud farms, poultry farms 
• Agricultural farms 
• Government animal husbandry departments 
• Private and government veterinary hospitals and clinics 
• Army and the Border Security Forces 
• Research labs working on the causes and prevention of animal diseases, production of biological products and their use in diagnosis 
• Research for immunization and protection against disease, animal pathology, genetics, animal breeding, animal feed and nutritional components in foodstuffs, etc 
• Pharmaceutical firms 
• Biomedical research and development of drugs, chemicals and bioproducts particularly antibiotics and vaccines both for human and animal use 
• Technical writing or sales 
• Agribusiness 
• Marketing 
• Pet food manufacturing industries 
• Management of industries dealing with animal feed, animal products, milk and meat products processing industries, etc 
• Wildlife sanctuaries, zoological parks, and aviaries


How to become Veterinarian?

courses after 12th for Air Traffic Controller

Path 1:


Stream: Science PCB

Selection Test

Veterinary Science

• Graduation


• Post-graduation


• Goal

Veterinary Doctor

*Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry courses are conducted in veterinary and agriculture colleges which are located in almost every state. The state colleges generally have domicile regulations for admitting students to their colleges. Indian Council for Agricultural Research, Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan, Pusa, New Delhi-110012 conducts an All India Entrance examination for filling up 15% of the total seats in State Agricultural universities and 100% seats in National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal and Central Agriculture University, Imphal in a number of subjects related to this field including Veterinary science 
** Selection to M.V.Sc./ Biotechnology is made through through an All India competitive examination

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