Benefits of Studying PhD by Portfolio Online at C3S Business School

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A PhD by Portfolio/ Published or Creative Work is designed for individuals with an existing portfolio of published work addressing a central research question. A PhD by Portfolio program can be completed within one year. This degree will be awarded to a candidate who has critically investigated an approved topic and demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field. A submission for PhD by Published or Creative Work may comprise academic papers, chapters, monographs, scholarly editions of texts, creative practice, artifacts, or curatorial production. This PhD option is particularly well suited to professionals who have been developing a research career and whose research skills and academic expertise are already at the doctoral level. 

Our PhD by prior publication/portfolio will typically take one year. A Ph.D. degree is offered by our Swiss EduQua-approved awarding body partner which is in consonance with many other universities such as the University of Warwick, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Reading, Surrey, East Anglia, Bristol, etc. The doctoral research submission will involve a series of articles usually with a common theme that is published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals to meet the requirements for the degree, in lieu of the presentation of a final dissertation.

It is a much quicker way of obtaining a PhD degree; traditional PhD programs take between three and four years from registration to completion whereas you can get a PhD by publication within one year of registration with the University or awarding body, assuming that you enroll on this degree has already published all the papers that you will include in your portfolio of work. The shorter duration means that you often will only have to pay for one year of awarding the body fee, meaning that this approach is cheaper than a traditional method. It’s often possible that you can work any part-time job alongside preparing your publication portfolio for viva examination submission. We educate to empower the future of tomorrow.

We strive to make C3S Business School an inclusive, diverse, innovative, and competitive business school. Our strength lies in an immersive learning approach and global panorama that disrupts the conventional wisdom for business and invokes an ‘out-of-the-box’ mindset. We educate to empower the future of tomorrow. Our campus is located in the very heart of one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. We offer internationally accredited foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and doctoral programs taught in English. The education model is based on the fundamentals of pragmatic learning and the application of theoretical aspects to the practical realities of the business world; thus, we emphasize a purely assignment-based study method for academic programs.




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