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New Zealand is an island country lying isolated in the Pacific Ocean nearly 2,200 km southeast of Australia. Its about twice that of Tamil area Nadu, but its population is only about 7% of the IN figure. It is a developed country, with a sound educational system that maintains quality and international reputation. There are eight universities and a number of other institutions wide running a variety of programs at different levels in diverse disciplines. Students from many countries consider New Zealand as a desirable destination for higher education.  The current number of overseas students about 80,000, out of which 4000 are Indians. Our number in NZ is growing fast


The academic year in New Zealand universities begins in February/March and ends in October/ November. You may start your application and enrolment process well in advance, so that you get plenty of time to arrange visas and fulfill other formalities. The academic year is split into two semesters, with a four-week break in June/July. There are provisions f mid-year admissions as well. A usual pattern is shown below:

Semester 1: (February-June); Closing date for applications would be 31 October.

Semester 2: (July November); Closing date for applications would be 30 April.


 There may be slight differences in the application deadlines of different universities.


Arranging your accommodation may not usually be difficult. Your institution normally helps in finding accommodation. Halls of residence or hostels close to the campus or home stay would be convenient. If you go for renting a house, you may have to pay for furnishing, heating, and electricity. Undergraduate study costs may be around NZ$18,000 to 25,000, depending on your course Postgraduate courses may cost up to NZ$20,000 to 40,000 a year. (One NZ$ is about Indian Rs.35.)


New Zealand has long-range plans for promoting international students. There are universities, polytechnics, governments-funded and private training establishments, and English language schools. There are 20 Institutions of Technology and Polytechnics that provide professional and vocational education and training up to the degree level.

New Zealand Universities are :

1) University of Auckland

2) University of Canterbury

3) Massey University

4) University of Otago

5) Victoria University of Wellington

6) University of Waikato

7) Lincoln University

8) Auckland University of Technology


The NZ universities enjoy good reputation in the matter of teaching and research. The Auckland University, for example, has been rated among the first fifty in the world. The universities offer a broad range of subjects for undergraduate, masters, an doctoral degrees in commerce, science, technology and humanities. The curriculum offers a lot of flexibility in the choice of papers; it is not as straight-jacket as in our universities.


Each university is public institution and part funded (around 50 percent of total income) by government. No university is privately owned.

The universities provide several scholarships. Students enrolled in full courses are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic (February-November). They may work full-time during the summer (November-February), subject to regulations. The NZ Government has instituted scholarships for international students who have min 6.5 in IELTS :

1) The LEARN Fellowships (Livestock Emissions and Abatement Research Network)

2) The NZIDRS (New Zealand International Doctoral research Scholarships) - Allowed to work for 20 hrs of employment per week at their University in a teaching or research capacity.

Postgraduate have an eligibility of Bachelor's Degree. An IELTS score of 6.5 is expected for postgraduate admission. 

Undergraduate Admission require at least 75% average marks and 60 % in English in CBSE, ICSE or Higher Secondary examination in India. You may have to complete 1 year of study in an Indian University if you dont have 75%. IELTS score of 6 would be adequate to seek admission for Undergraduate.

Diploma is a popular option for Indian students who desire studies in NZ. Fees is low, you can seek admission after 12th in India and an IELTS score of 5.5 or 6 is favorable. The usual duration is 6 mnths to 3 yrs. Diploma apart from general science and technology branches is also offered in Computers, Tourism, Beauty Therapy,Business Management, English Language and Fitness Education.


Two types of Scholarships instituted by the government are :

1) The LEARN Fellowships focuses on improving the understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock agriculture and helps researchers in the area.

2) The NZIDRS (New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships) are available to overseas students for 3 yrs of doctoral research in NZ universities.


Immigration New Zealand is the sole agency of the New Zealand government responsible for migration and entry in to New Zealand.

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