Step 1: Choose a career counselling package and make an online payment.
Step 2: Give 10 tests from your desktop or mobile.
Step 3: Fill in 3 Aspired Careers and download the Automated Career Assessment Report.
Step 4: Attend the face to face counselling appointment with a Mentor where a Final Career path will be devised.
On average the Mentor receives Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 per counselling session which lasts for around an hour. If the student pays from the mentor referral link, then 24% of the total fee transfers directly to the mentor Bank account. (Note: The counselling fee of Mentors would depend on what our career counselling franchisee partners have set.)
Around 1hr-2hr.
Apart from counsellings from our side, since the no. of counsellings depend on the student's choice of mentor based on mentor profile and geographical location, there is no commitment on the no. of counsellings we provide. Following are few of the points you can keep frequency of counsellings stable (1) We generate student leads which you can open on your dashboard, view details (via wallet credit), Call and explain, share your refferal link and get credited 40% of the student package in your bank account. (2) Incase, a student is not interested in career assessment test and has an information based query, you can share an enquiry form with the student for an expert to call them and you will be credited for that enquiry.
The Mentor Manual and video can be downloaded from the Training material section on your dashboard.
Yes, an Online Mentor Certificate will be unlocked after clearing the Test, which you would be able to download.
Education and making a career decision is one of the topmost priorities of every individual. Career Counselling is a need, so as a business it is quite a lucrative business to start. We provide an Ecosystem with Online Tests, Automated Report, Mentor database, etc to start and facilitate in running this business. Not only students after completing their boards or graduation academic year show interest in career counselling. Many working professionals also look for a career shift. So, this business is not at all seasonal.  
15 Lakh Career Counsellors are needed in india to balance an average Student to Counsellor ratio. In India, 500 Million Population in the Age Bracket Of 5-24Years.
Rs.5000 Crore Is Estimated Market Size
Of Career Counselling Industry In India As Per
KPMG, EY And MHRD Report. Shortage Of 1.4 Million Career Counsellor to Maintain Globally Accepted Student Counsellor Ratio.
Apart from career counselling, there are other revenue generation opportunities like enrolling for mentor program, tie up with institutes, etc
You get 100% of every payment made on the portal for the no. of units you have topped up. The split is directly made to your bank account at the point of payment by the customer.
Mentor test is multiple choice questions, timing 15 minutes, with 25 questions.
-What is a career assessment test?  

-Allegiance Educare Career Assessment Test (AECEST) 
-Courses after 10th/12th

-Common Queries by Students  

-Counselling tips  

-Guidelines to design student career roadmap   
-Free Career Assessment Tests
We create a subdomain of the whitelabel, so they get a subdomain URL under their name viz. whitelabelname.allegiance.educare.in.
But you can always give redirections and masking if you have your own domain name from your domain control panel.

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